About us

Established in 2020, SMART Courses is an inspiring community of smart and genuinely nice people from across the country and around the world.

Our management is well experienced and organized to meet your future goals. Every member of our staff is dedicated, educated, and helpful in all ways to teach you good techniques and logic.

We provide online education which saves your time, money and effort of travel-time. You can concentrate on acquiring thorough knowledge based on your interest.

The fundamental purpose of SMART Courses is prepare you for a bright career.

Ali Haider

Founder, SMART Courses
At SMART Courses, we focus on building the relevant skill-set that is in high demand in today's job market.

Naqi Hyder

Administrator, SMART Courses

What makes us different?

Career change is not easy for most people. We are here to prepare you so that you feel confident in your newly acquired skill towards a rewarding career.

How we educate?

At Smart Courses, we are excited to present courses for the Internet community, ranging from beginner to expert level professionals. These courses are available in the styles outline below.

Learn Courses Online
  • Prepare yourself for upcoming challenges in your future endeavors.
  • Improvement of skills along with hands-on experience needed to work and stay long in your jobs without losing anything.
  • You will not miss anything while joining us online.
  • Show your dedication after attending all of the lectures in order to maintain your GPA and receive rewards after the Course Completion (A Valuable Certificate).
Comprehensive (Corporate - On-Site) Courses
  • Be ready to cash your time spent during the course.
  • All lectures will be brief and the point to solve your issues at work.
  • Accept challenges during the completion of the course.
  • Get answers of every question and leave a feedback for improvement.
  • Attendance will be must to hit the ground and maintain your jobs.
Interactive (One-On-One) Course
  • Time is essential in all lectures.
  • Make your mindset in future to avail all technical skills.
  • Quickly learn everything from Ultimate coaching sessions.
  • Reference material and links will be available for any R&D.
  • Note down ideas to explore more during the course.
Tutoring & Coaching for School Students
  • Each student will be taken care by the training staff.
  • Make your mindset in future to avail all educational and technical skills.
  • Quickly learn everything from Ultimate coaching sessions.
  • Training staff will make you perfect in the registered courses with us.
  • Note down ideas to explore more during the course.
Professional Tutoring & Training for College Students
  • Each student will receive individualized personal attention and support from our experienced instructors. 
  • We provide education in Math, English, Science, Writing, Business, AP Test, ACT Test Prep, PSAT / NMSQT & SAT Prep, GED / HiSET / TASC Prep.

Meet the team

Alistair Coleman


Alistair C, is having vast experience in establishing standards in many organizations and training institutions.

Raelynn Hill

Vice Principal, Cloud Infrastructure Trainer

Raelynn H, is a hardworking and experienced professional in cloud and  information technology.

Andrew Clark

Head of IT Department

Andrew C, is a Database Administrator with Development experience and teaching since last 20 years.

Jason Maxwell

Sr. Physics Teacher

Jason M, is an experienced Physics teacher and a member of the advisory baord, teaching since last 15 years.

Zayn Nelson

Sr. Mathematics Teacher

Zayn N, is a Mathematics teacher with experience in teaching since last 18 years.

Capria Adams

Sr. English & Writing Teacher

Capria A, is having vast experience in English teaching and writing articles on any topic since last 12 years.

Join us for a bright career

Our Management, Training Staff, Adminision's Department are waiting to make your career and polish your skills.