Mastering SharePoint

Mastering SharePoint (5 in 1) Course

SMART Courses is glad to provide a Bundle Course of Microsoft 365 to those who are/or entering in the field. Each candidate or professional need to improve their technological skills in order to stay long in the organization helping by using SharePoint Portal in the Cloud.

  • Online – Morning & Afternoon Classes – Chicago Standard Time (CST)
  • Alternate days up to 24 days long
  • Group 1 – (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) 1:00 PM – 13:00 PM
  • Group 2 – (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Mastering SharePoint A-Z Complete Boot Camp 5-1 Course

Section 1: Introduction

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Learn SharePoint?
  3. SharePoint Online Course Outline
  4. How to maximize your investment in this course?

Section 2: SharePoint Log in Preparation

  1. How to Log in to SharePoint Online Free Trial
  2. SharePoint Log in Free Trial – Step by Step
  3. SharePoint Free Trial Part 2

Section 3: SharePoint 101

  1. SharePoint Intro
  2. Navigate to office 365 home page from browser; First Look at the SharePoint Page
  3. SharePoint Online – Create your First Site!
  4. What is a Library in SharePoint?
  5. Create your first Document Library
  6. Document Management – Upload Docs and Recycle Bin
  7. Create Document withing SharePoint environment
  8. Create New folder inside SharePoint Library + Two ways to upload a document
  9. Set up Time Zone and First Look at SharePoint Landing Page
  10. Microsoft One Drive
  11. Sync SharePoint Library to OneDrive
  12. 5 Ways to Open a Document in SharePoint
  13. Add new Column to your Document Library + Sort Column Order
  14. How to perform simple search in SharePoint?
  15. How to delete an item and restore it in SharePoint? + Overview of Recycle Bin
  16. Edit your profile in SharePoint + Introduction to Microsoft Delve
  17. Post News and News Link for your Team!
  18. Details Pane in SharePoint Library
  19. Create a Link to a document in SP Library
  20. How to Use Move and Copy commands in SharePoint?
  21. Add Currency Column into SharePoint Library
  22. How to Share your file(s) or folders in SharePoint?
  23. How to download files to your local drive from SharePoint?
  24. PIN Docs or Folder in SP library
  25. Co authoring in SharePoint

Section 4: SharePoint Power User Training

  1. Check in Check Out in Document Library
  2. Create your first SharePoint List
  3. SharePoint Permissions
  4. Two Simple Ways to add User to a SharePoint site or Group
  5. First Look at Site Contents
  6. Create your first View in SharePoint Library
  7. Create a Sub site based on a Project Site Template
  8. Create link on your SharePoint site
  9. SharePoint Versioning 101
  10. Set up your first alert
  11. Create Alert on Single Item + Manage your alerts
  12. Add a column, Change date format in SharePoint, Configure Regional Setting
  13. Two ways to filter content in a SharePoint Library
  14. Find empty folders + count number of sub folders + items in a SP Library
  15. How to show no folders in SP Library? (Flat file view)
  16. SharePoint Classic vs Modern view
  17. “Request sign-off” workflow
  18. Lab: 2“Request sign-off” workflow
  19. Import spreadsheet into SharePoint Lab 1
  20. Export Excel sheet to SharePoint
  21. 5 Ways to Add Comments in SharePoint

Section 5: SharePoint Site Administrator

  1. Add Web Part to ABC SharePoint site
  2. Add your first App into your SharePoint site
  3. Create Your First Discussion Board
  4. Export a SharePoint list to an Excel file
  5. Explorer View in SharePoint
  6. Simple Data Migration (Copying) & Flat File View
  7. Create a SharePoint Wiki Page
  8. Configure Top Navigation on a SharePoint site
  9. Change the theme of a SharePoint site
  10. Look and Feel – change Navigation Elements
  11. Assignment 1: Look and Feel – change Navigation Elements back to Quick Launch
  12. How to check permissions of a SharePoint site?
  13. Create a New SharePoint Permissions Group
  14. Create a Template in SharePoint
  15. SharePoint Site Navigation Summary
  16. Delete and Restore a Document Library + Change Navigation settings
  17. How to Remove Permissions for a file? + Review “Manage Access” settings
  18. Open Office docs in their native (desktop) app – change settings at Top level
  19. Create your first SharePoint Blog Site

Section 6: SharePoint Developer/Consultant

  1. Create Your First Form using Microsoft FORMS
  2. Bring Excel file into SharePoint as a new List
  3. Create Communication SharePoint site with HERO web part
  4. Create your first Communication site in SharePoint
  5. Insert HERO web part in your Communication Site
  6. Edit HERO Web part and publish your first Corporate Communication Intranet Page
  7. Create a Team site from SharePoint Admin without 365 Group
  8. Create your first SharePoint Document Center Site for Archiving

Section 7: SharePoint Site Creation

  1. Assignment 2: SharePoint Site Creation Assignment

Section 8: Assignment: Managing

  1. Assignment 3: Assignment : Managing Documents in SharePoint

Section 9: SharePoint Developer/Consultant Advanced Tasks

  1. Convert an existing Classic SharePoint site to a Modern Experience site
  2. Create a SharePoint Team site from an Outlook Group
  3. Create Your First SharePoint Picture Library (Media Library)
  4. Add Slide Show in SharePoint
  5. How to Delete a Site or subsite in SharePoint?
  6. Add Unique Identifier (ID column) to Your SharePoint List
  7. SharePoint Create Training Booking List
  8. Create PowerApp front end from a SharePoint Form

Section 10: SharePoint Developer/Consultant – Site Permissions

  1. Create a Unique Permissions for a List or Library
  2. Create a new Permissions Level
  3. Add User as Site Collection Admin

Section 11: Advance Topics for SharePoint Consultant/Developers: SharePoint Admin Center

  1. First Look at Office 365 Admin Center
  2. Create a new Site Collections from SharePoint Admin Center
  3. Access Site Usage Report Lab 1
  4. SharePoint Information Architecture
  5. SharePoint IA and HUB Sites
  6. Register your first SharePoint HUB site
  7. Update Organization Profile under ADMIN
  8. Column Default Value Settings in SharePoint
  9. How to Enable or Disable Comments on SharePoint site?
  10. Assignment 4: Create and Manager User and Groups in SharePoint Admin Center
  11. Access Site Storage Matrix for Site and Library/List
  12. SharePoint Site Storage Report using PowerShell
  13. Resources

Section 12: Learn SharePoint by Knowledge Areas – Document Management

  1. Learn Content Types in SharePoint
  2. SharePoint Content Types Explained
  3. 7 Ways to Search in SharePoint
  4. Introduction to Document Sets in SharePoint
  5. Create your first Document Set
  6. Document Sets – Settings
  7. Upload a document to Document Set + Explore functionalities around Document Set

Section 13: Learn SharePoint by Knowledge Areas – Information Architecture

  1. Learn SharePoint by Knowledge Areas – Information Architecture
  2. SharePoint Sites vs Pages

Section 14: SharePoint – “How” to tasks at Work.

  1. What is Next Steps icon on SharePoint Home Page and its purpose
  2. How to Add Fabulous Looking Charts to your SharePoint page?
  3. Add Embed Web part – Insert Content to a web page
  4. Set up Birthday Reminders for Employee in SharePoint
  5. Disable New Folder Functionality in SharePoint Library

Section 15: Office 365 Developer Program

  1. Sign up for Free Office 365 Developer Program
  2. Sign up for Free Office 365 Developer Program Part II

Section 16: SharePoint Project for Real Life

  1. Assignment 5: Real Life Project: Create, Configure and Customize SP site for ABC Company
  2. Real Life Project: ABC Team Lab Project Lab 1
  3. Project: ABC Team Lab Part 2 (Solution)
  4. Assignment 6: Real Life Project: Configure ABC Showcase Theme and associate a site to Hub site
  5. Solution to Assignment 3 – Change look of a SP site and Associate to a Hub site
  6. Assignment 7: Real Life Project: Add additional site from Hub site + Create a Classic Site

Section 17: BONUS: Learn Microsoft FLOW with SharePoint

  1. Learn Microsoft FLOW with SharePoint
  2. Explore FLOW Home Page Navigation
  3. Create Your First Flow with Microsoft FLOW and SharePoint

Section 18: Bonus: Microsoft Teams and SharePoint

  1. Introduction to Microsoft Teams
  2. Connect Existing SharePoint site with Microsoft Teams
  3. Explore Teams & Create a New Channel

Section 19: Bonus: SharePoint Content Migration

  1. SharePoint Content Migration Introduction

Section 20: SharePoint Development

  1. Install SharePoint Online Management Shell
  2. SharePoint PowerShell Development – Install Two Additional Modules
  3. Add New folder using PowerShell Command
  4. Office 365 Tenant, Create app Catalog, Create Team Site collection from Admin
  5. SharePoint Workbench
  6. Set up your SharePoint Framework Development environment – Install NodeJS
  7. Install Visual Studio Code
  8. Install Yeoman, gulp and Yeoman SharePoint Generator

Section 21: SharePoint Term Store

  1. SharePoint Term Store

Section 22: SharePoint Webhooks

  1. SharePoint Webhooks – Overview and set up

Section 23: Office 365 Applications

  1. Introduction to Microsoft To Do

Section 24: Microsoft Server 2019

  1. Install Steps for SharePoint Server 2019 on Standalone computer
  2. Resources

Section 25: SharePoint Online Admin Essentials

  1. Manage User Profile Under SharePoint Admin Center
  2. Message Center in SharePoint Admin

Section 26: SharePoint Real Life Implementation Project

  1. SharePoint Real Life Implementation Project
  2. Add Weather on your SharePoint Home Page
  • Each day Task Assignment & Q/A
  • Each weekend candidates will have Tests and Small Projects
  • $2,400.00 for the entire course
  • Contact us for registration and call at 847-877-0799
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