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SharePoint Online Course

SharePoint Online is available in the Cloud. This is one of the fastest trend of IT Professionals to use as a thin client. This course will give you enough knowledge to become master in using SharePoint as Admin, Developer, or SME.

  • Online – Morning & Afternoon Classes – Chicago Standard Time (CST)
  • Alternate days up to 24 days long
  • Group 1 – (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) 1:00 PM – 13:00 PM
  • Group 2 – (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM

SharePoint 2016 / 2019 Site Owner, User, & 365 (3-course bundle)

Section 1: SharePoint 2016 / 2019 Site Owner

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding the Role of the Site Owner
  3. The Limitations of Folders
  4. Working with Collaboration Site Templates
  5. Creating a Subsite with the Team Site Template
  6. Creating a Subsite with the Project Site Template
  7. Creating a Subsite with a Blog Site Template
  8. Creating a Subsite with a Community Site Template
  9. Understanding Site Settings
  10. Customizing the Look of a Site
  11. Changing a Site´s Title, Description, Logo, or URL
  12. Adding Apps
  13. Creating a Document Library
  14. Reviewing Library Settings
  15. Switching Between the New and Classic Views
  16. Creating a Picture Library
  17. Deleting and Restoring a Library
  18. Changing the Name of a Library or List
  19. Modifying Library Versioning Options
  20. Restoring a Previous Version
  21. Overriding a Checked Out Document
  22. Saving a Library as a Template
  23. Adding Enterprise Key Words to a Library or List
  24. Allowing Folder Creation in Libraries and Lists
  25. Adding or Removing the Sync Library Feature
  26. Using Content Approval for a Library
  27. Using Content Approval with Alerts for Simple Workflows
  28. Creating Lists
  29. Reviewing List Settings
  30. Deleting and Restoring a List
  31. Creating a Calendar List
  32. Adding or Removing the Group Calendar Option
  33. Creating a Task List
  34. Creating an Announcement List
  35. Creating a Links List or Promoted Links List
  36. Creating a Contact List
  37. Creating a Survey
  38. Creating an Issue Tracking List
  39. Creating a List From an Excel Worksheet
  40. Creating a Custom List
  41. Changing a List Name or Description
  42. Adding or Removing Versioning From a List
  43. Adding or Disabling the Add Attachments Feature for a List
  44. Adding or Removing the Quick Edit Feature for a Library or List
  45. Changing or Modifying the List or Library Default View
  46. Creating Public Views
  47. Creating a Grouped Library or List View
  48. Creating a Flat Library View
  49. Understanding SharePoint Columns
  50. Adding an Existing Site Column to a Library or List
  51. Creating a Site Column
  52. Modifying, Renaming, or Deleting a Site Column
  53. Creating a Library or List Column
  54. Modifying or Renaming a List or Library Column
  55. Removing a Column from a List or Library
  56. Creating a Text Column
  57. Creating a Choice Column
  58. Creating a Number Column
  59. Creating a Currency Column
  60. Creating a Date and Time Column
  61. Creating a Look Up Column
  62. Creating a Calculated Column
  63. Exploring Content Types
  64. Creating a Custom Content Type
  65. Adding a Custom Content Type into a List or Library
  66. Removing a Content Type from a Library or List
  67. Creating a Document Set
  68. Modifying a Content Type
  69. Understanding Permissions
  70. Editing Permission Level Privileges
  71. Understanding Default Permission Groups
  72. Viewing and Editing Group Permissions
  73. Changing Permission Levels for a Group
  74. Viewing, Adding, or Removing Users from a Group
  75. Creating New SharePoint Groups
  76. Changing a Group Name or Group Owner
  77. Adding a SharePoint Group to a Site
  78. Adding, Removing, or Editing Permission Levels for an Individual
  79. Checking an Individuals Permission on a Site
  80. Granting Access to the Site Using the Share Option
  81. Changing the Default Share Group for the Site
  82. Creating and Removing Unique Permissions for a Site
  83. Creating and Removing Unique Permissions for a Library
  84. Creating and Removing Unique Permissions for a Document or Folder
  85. Working with Pages in SharePoint
  86. Modifying or Adding Text to a Page
  87. Understanding Web Parts or App Parts
  88. Creating a Page in SharePoint
  89. Adding a Page to the Quick Launch
  90. Adding the Excel Web Access Web Part
  91. Adding the Relevant Documents Web Part
  92. Changing Regional Time and Work Week Settings
  93. Working with Top Links Bar
  94. Working with the Quick Launch Area
  95. Enabling Tree View
  96. Course Recap

Section 2: SharePoint 2016 / 2019 Site User

  1. Introduction
  2. SharePoint Overview
  3. Accessing SharePoint Sites
  4. SharePoint Interface and Navigation
  5. Using the Open Menu
  6. Using the Details Pane
  7. Overview of SharePoint Permissions for Site Users
  8. Locating Sites, Libraries, and Lists
  9. Searching for SharePoint Content
  10. SharePoint Library Overview
  11. Viewing and Downloading a Document from a Library
  12. Uploading Items to a Document Library
  13. Syncing a Library
  14. Creating and Saving New Documents
  15. Editing a Document
  16. Creating a New Folder
  17. Uploading and Moving Document into a Folder
  18. Moving Document to Another Library
  19. Pin to Top
  20. Renaming Documents or Folders
  21. Deleting Documents or Folders
  22. Restoring a Document from the Recycle
  23. Viewing Permissions for a Document
  24. Version History Overview
  25. Viewing, Comparing, and Restoring Prior Document Versions
  26. Check In or Check Out Overview
  27. Checking Out or Checking In a Document
  28. Editing a Document with Check In or Check Out Enabled
  29. Uploading a File to a Library with Check In or Check Out Enabled
  30. Discarding a Check Out
  31. Setting an Alert on a Document
  32. Setting an Alert on a Library
  33. Modifying or Deleting Alert Subscriptions
  34. Changing View Column Settings
  35. Sorting and Filtering Library Content
  36. Sharing Links Including Durable Links
  37. Working with Properties
  38. Adding and Editing Properties
  39. Adding and Editing Properties while Editing in Office
  40. Narrowing a Document Search Result by Properties
  41. SharePoint List Overview
  42. Adding an Item to a List
  43. Adding an Item to a Contact List
  44. Adding an Item to a Calendar
  45. Creating a Recurring Calendar Event
  46. Adding an Item to a Task List
  47. Adding an Item to a Links List
  48. Adding an Announcement
  49. Attaching Content to an Announcement
  50. Editing or Deleting a List Item
  51. Editing or Deleting a Contact
  52. Editing or Deleting a Calendar Event
  53. Editing or Deleting a Task
  54. Editing or Deleting an Announcement
  55. Editing or Deleting a Link
  56. Adding and Editing Items Using Quick Edit
  57. Sorting and Filtering List Items
  58. Copying and Pasting Excel Info into a List
  59. Exporting List Data into Excel
  60. Creating an Alert for a List Item
  61. Creating an Alert for a List
  62. Working with Library or List Views
  63. Creating Public or Personal Standard Views
  64. Using Task Views
  65. Creating a View
  66. Modifying or Deleting a View
  67. Creating a Grouped View
  68. Creating a Datasheet View
  69. Creating a View to Display Items without Folders
  70. Creating a View to Display Items Checked Out to Me
  71. Sharing Documents and Sites
  72. Coauthoring
  73. Integration with Office Online
  74. Checking In or Checking Out Documents via Microsoft Office
  75. Accessing and Uploading Properties from Microsoft Office
  76. Accessing Prior Versions from Microsoft Office
  77. Saving a Document to SharePoint from Microsoft Office
  78. Syncing a Calendar to Outlook
  79. Syncing a Library To Outlook
  80. Integration with Office 365
  81. Updating Your Profile
  82. Following Sites
  83. OneDrive Overview
  84. Uploading Documents to OneDrive
  85. Sharing Content in OneDrive
  86. Newsfeed Overview
  87. Creating a Blog
  88. Editing and Replying to Blogs
  89. Course Recap

Section 3: Office 365 SharePoint Sites

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of Sites and Libraries
  3. Creating a Site and SubSite
  4. Creating a List
  5. Creating a Library
  6. Creating a Site Page
  7. Creating a Wiki Page
  8. Inserting a Web Part
  9. Adding Files to a Library
  10. Searching for Content
  11. Working with Lists
  12. Viewing and Editing Files in a Document Library
  13. Working With Version History
  14. Viewing Files in Explorer
  15. Using Quick Edit
  16. Configuring Alerts
  17. Using the Sync Tool
  18. Using the Newsfeed
  19. Working with Views
  20. Showing Items Without Folders
  21. Site and Content Organization
  22. Configuring Permissions Using the Default Groups
  23. Configuring Unique Permissions on an App
  24. Configuring Navigation for your Site
  25. Expect New Things in Office 365
  26. Course Recap
  • Each day Task Assignment & Q/A
  • Each weekend candidates will have Tests and Small Projects
  • $2,400.00 for the entire course
  • Contact us for registration and call at 847-877-0799
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